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Our initiative, ‘Healing Heroes’, unites an impassioned ensemble of civilian experts and seasoned veteran professionals from an array of disciplines, including Therapy, Veterinary care, Meditation, Breath Work Training, Tai Chi, and Kung Fu. We are dedicated to pooling a diverse and dynamic team of professional volunteers whose sole commitment is the support and wellbeing of Veterans. Our vision is clear: to conduct eight meticulously planned, week-long retreats each year, featuring a series of counseling and personal development programs specifically crafted for Veterans.

This program is designed for those Veterans who are on a quest for non-traditional, holistic healing modalities that go beyond conventional therapy. We understand that healing is multifaceted and that mental, physical, and emotional wellness are deeply interconnected. Therefore, our holistic approach does more than just address individual symptoms; it aims to enrich the lives of the Veterans holistically, fostering a nurturing and symbiotic relationship between the Veterans and their families.

By participating in ‘Healing Heroes’, Veterans are not just attending a retreat; they are engaging in a transformative, life-altering experience. Each retreat is structured to foster lasting bonds among participants, facilitate deep personal growth, and provide meaningful, transformative experiences. Our ultimate goal is to create a supportive community where Veterans can thrive and achieve a renewed sense of peace and purpose. Through ‘Healing Heroes’, we strive to empower Veterans and their families, paving the way for healing and profound personal transformation.

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Leveraging people and places through connection and interaction through Breathing Workshops, Heat Therapy, Cold Therapy Exposure, Meditation camps, Ti Chi 101, and Kung Fu San Soo. A light approach to healing in a big way!

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We are in search for professional volunteers to serve Veterans for eight 7-day retreats per year with counseling development programs.

8 retreats a year | 2 retreats a quarter


December - February