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Holistic Training for Veterans

Most veterans do not seek help based on how they feel about medical treatment facilities and the stigma they feel about going to hospitals. No one wants to feel helpless, let alone Veterans with combat experience. We as veterans get in our own way with healing. Some of us think we can handle anything that comes our way. And when we cannot we just put it aside as if it will disappear. Unfortunately, that does not work well and brings up harder issues to deal with later. Opening to holistic training will not only allow us to deal with the issues as they arise but also gives us the tools to help ourselves more effectively as we must take responsibility of our self. We empower ourselves to heal, which will bring a more concentrated understanding of self-awareness.

Types of self-care

How do we achieve these goals

There is a combination of training that when done together allow free and clear focus on the issues that arise and allow for us to take on the concerns in a calm and determined manner. Research shows that self-care promotes positive health outcome, such as fostering resilience, living longer, and becoming better equipped to manage stress.
  • Physical


    Sleep, stretching, walking, physical release, healthy foods, yoga, breath-work, rest.

  • Emotional


    Stress management, emotional maturity, forgiveness, compassion, kindness.

  • Social


    Boundaries, support systems, positive social media, communication, time together, ask for help.

  • Spiritual


    Time alone, meditation, yoga, connection, nature, journaling, sacred space.

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