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My Name is Jacey Callahan, founder, and CEO of Guardian Rise Foundation, I have the fire in my Heart to find the best way to reach veterans on a holistic level and build education and services for veterans by veterans. I am a 20-year Army veteran retiree with multiple combat tours to both Iraq and Afghanistan. I have loved and lost friends over the years to Suicide and War.

I began my journey of healing and never looked back, all the medication I was on for pain are gone, all the feelings of self-doubt and hate are gone. The dependency for Alcohol and drugs are gone permanently. By taking the steps to help myself I have learned how to love and be loved in the best ways possible to live my best life.

Guardian Rise offers a wide range of holistic treatments from Breathing and Meditation retreats, outdoor adventure skill building by connecting to nature with other veterans, Cold and Heat therapy along with Tai Chi and basic self-defense with Kung fu San soo, the sky is the limit.

We aim to strike at the heart of the problem by providing solutions to the endless agony of drugs and alcohol addiction in a pursuit of inner peace through holistic healing. Nothing worth doing in life is easy. I have lived with self-hate, self- doubt, suicidal ideations, hopelessness, alcohol dependency and drug addiction. Like me, there are Veterans across the world that deal with this every day. We all must ask ourselves this one question, do I love and respect myself first. I found that the answer for me was No. I never gave it the thought, when you sit with yourself and realize the answer is truly No! That’s when the healing begins.

I have learned in my life that once I had love for myself. There is no medicine, drug, or drink that is going to influence me otherwise. Veterans need to get back to their task and purpose which means why! Many Veterans have lost their path. The answer is simple, service members thrive on purpose, direction, and motivation. These are the pillars that drive most of us. When you exit the service, those pillars are taken from us, and some veterans lose their way. One day you are in uniform and the next day you must conform to social norms, society, selfishness, with people that will never understand you or your why.

Veterans thrive on connection with each other because we feel these are the only people who understand us without judgement, for that reason Veterans are always trying to seek out each other more than anyone else in the norms of society.

Veteran to Veteran we don’t have to speak about why we feel what we feel. We already know! Help us heal Veterans, by giving them their purpose back. in a lifelong journey to healing the wounds from within.

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We would like to give a big thank you to all of our generous donors who have supported our foundation and most of all our troops. Blow is just a few of our donors that we would like to say thank you.


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Empowering Veterans To Heal

Help put the foundation in motion, your donations will go directly to setting up training and events for veterans, by providing holistic training and healing.

With your generous support and donations, we can significantly impact and truly transform the struggling lives of our veterans and their families. Every donation we receive goes directly into supporting our programs and your donation is the lifeblood of this organization we need to impact our veteran communities!

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