Taking the Plunge

Cold Therapy

Cold therapy or cold plunging is just that. Immersing yourself into cold water, this can be done virtually anywhere you have access to a tub, you can also purchase a cold plunge tub online there are a multitude of sources online that sell these for cheap up to very expense, it all depends on what you want. There are many benefits that can occur with cold therapy. Cold water constricts the blood vessels which slows blood flow and can relieve swelling and soreness as a post- workout. General cold therapy immersion should be done between 38- 39 degrees, there are studies of colder water exposure used down below freezing temperatures, it’s all based on user preference.

How long should you stay in the cold plunge. For mindfulness training these therapies will range from 3 to 5 minutes at a time and gradually increase the time based on the users’ preferences.


Benefits of Cold Therapy

There are no direct links in studies that are totally inconclusive, some might find the benefits post workout to help ease soreness and inflammation. Cold therapy could have a positive effect with stress management and mood stimulation. There are small studies that show cold water therapy could have an impact on depression and PTSD.

How does it work

Cold exposure has shown to activate the sympathetic nervous system as well the brain will release norepinephrine which is an adrenal hormone that works to help with signs of depression. Additionally cold exposure can help to increase production of beta-endorphin molecules (feel-good) that will give a sense of calming and overall well-being.

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